Jurassic World The Game FREE DNA, Food, Coins & Cash?

Got the game after the NEXT release, played for 30h+. It´s a very nice game with some pleasant mechanics and discovery functions.

The optimization could be a bit better, framerate drops quite a lot on a GTX 980, 16GB RAM and an AMD FX 4,7 Ghz CPU. But rendering these worlds might take some processing power so…

Recommended if you like survival and space exploration. Yes and you can get you get that jurassic world hacks: how to hack jurassic world the game

Even two years after release, the game is a shallow, poorly-designed, bug-ridden mess of design that seems built to pointlessly waste player time on tedious garbage. The only worthwhile part is exploring to find neat-looking environments, but there is absolutely nothing else about this game that isn’t shoddy. And even when you get to those neat places, there really isn’t anything to DO in them because there’s barely a game past looking at pretty things.

Even at half-price, the game is still a ripoff. Maybe if it were down at the five buck mark it would be worthwhile, but I definitely regret buying this, even on sale.

Jurassic World is a Cool game, kind of a must have imo. If you are someone that only likes games like COD or fast paced style then you may get board but if you like nice graphics,interesting worlds a lot of lore this game holds up well. It is quest based so you dont just aimlessy walk around you have missions that seem to take you through a story line, only played a few hours so far but really like it. Give it a 9/10 for what its trying to do

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