Fortnite the Ultimate Review

This game is absolutely amazing to me. I could play this game almost nonstop if I could. I. Love. Fortnite.

Throughout the years, I’ve enjoyed most of the games that I’ve played, but with the next college semester rolling around, I find myself struggling to find games that I can really get into and enjoy with seemingly little time to spare. I have really slowed down on trying new games, especially since I’m new to PC gaming (but not gaming in general) and on a budget, but every now and then I get lucky and find a game that really gets me excited to play it.

Games like R.U.S.E. (which Ubisoft took off the market..), Spec Ops: The Line, and Subnautica are some of the games that I’ve really come to enjoy. The problem is that they, for the most part, don’t have much replay value. I know you could probably start Subnautica over, and as much as I’d want to, I desire something new for the short time that I have. Well you can actually try and play cross platform with other people, this guy does it on youtube here: How to Cross Platform Play Fortnite

Then I started playing Fortnite…

I knew about the game for some time but didn’t think I would enjoy it all that much. I had watched Sips play it and that is what really got me intrigued. Got the game, started playing it, was a little confused at first, but then I began to love it. Fortnite is the kind of colony game that I would dream of, and I’m glad that it offers so much to the table, and you can easily mod it, adding way more to the already amazing game!

I can’t really explain everything, but to give you a taste of what Fortnite’s all about, from my experience at least, is that you can fend off raids, then capture the survivors to either recruit, release, execute, or harvest their friggin’ organs to sell or implant into your own colonists. You could farm, hunt, build a big or small base, the essentials of survival. You can tame animals for food, resources, or just to love them. You can produce drugs and alcohol, for trading, prisoners, or personal use. There are hostile, neutral, and friendly colonies that you could trade or fight with. Some of the things you can trade (depending on the traders and what they’re buying/selling) are captured prisoners, drugs, medicine, textiles, body parts, furniture, food, weapons, and clothes. There is just so much to this game, and I absolutely love it. I also added mods for things like prisoner labor, spiders, cults, and some essential quality of life mods that come along with games like these. Oh and I would also check out save the world, the pve missions. It costs $39 but you can get it for free here: fortnite save the world free

Whether you mod it or just play vanilla, you’ll most likely have a good time. Just don’t get too attached to anything, because you can lose anyone or anything in the game just as fast as you gained them. There are three storytellers and different difficulties that are fit for different playstyles, as well as a few different scenarios for how you start the game. Randy Random is a favorite of mine and many others because you really don’t know what is going to happen, or when. Depending on how well you play,

I highly recommend this game, maybe watch a video or some clips of it to see if it fits your playstyle. If you’re on the edge of buying this game like I was, then I’d definitely try it out. If you can afford it, then enjoy yourself, have some fun, life can be short, and you can commit friggin’ war crimes! Did I say that already? Because it’s amazing! Plus, if you don’t like it, there’s a refund option for a reason, but I kind of doubt it’ll come to that.

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