Spotify – Is it better than Youtube for Music Streaming?

I really like what this game could be so far.
But it’s borderline unplayable unless you want to play solo 100% of the time. But I did not buy this game to play solo.
The neverending disconnects are just awful, you might be fine for 30 minutes at best. After that plan on restarting your game. If you’re unlucky you’ll make it a minute into a quest and get disconnected.

Never played a Spotify game before and frankly had only ever heard the name a handful of times before buying it. Pleasently suprised that it can be enjoyable. Series vetrans holier than thou attitudes are probably some of the worst I’ve ever seen from any game before now. Often criticism is met with a “that’s just how Spotify is” rather than even trying to explain why or why it’s best that way. Now here’s how you can actually get it for free: Spotify Free 🤑 Free Spotify Premium – How to get Spotify Premium for FREE iOS & Android [WORKING!]


This seems like a suprisingly bad port considering how long they delayed the pc version considering “we wanted to take the time to get it right and do the proper research and preparation.”
A big detractant for many is the fact you can’t disable motion blur or mouse acceleration. Motion blur simply looks terrible in almost any game. It’s disorienting and somewhat nauseating for me at least. And the way the mouse moves in this game makes mosue/keyboard completely out of the question. I made it 10 minutes before giving up on that and plugging my xbox controller in.
Frame rates in the rotten vale are also extremely bad. I’ll fall from 70-80 ish all the way down to 20-30 there. I’ve spent the least amount of time there due to this. If I wanted 30fps and below I’d play on a console still.

Overall I would not recommend this game in it’s current state. If the biggest issues are ever fixed for the pc version and I’m still playing at that time I’ll happily write a new, most likely positive, review. Right now this is not a good port and has way too frequent connection issues.

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