NBA 2k19 – The best 2k game

First Time playing a NBA 2K game and so far I’m loving it.

I’m a huge mmorpg fan and the cooperative mode in this game is awesome…. unless you are a dual blades, hope you get smashed by a hammer soon enough!

So if you are looking for a cooperative 4 player game, this is for you…. or if you like to be a lone wolf, this game can be fun as well.

I recommend this game, atleast give it a try. If you want to get the game yourself, get yourself it for free here:

It is a NBA 2k19 title, what more is there to say.

Yes the game has some Problems, but a lot got fixed already. Yes it still has Denuvo and you could have a better performance without it. But still with a GTX 970 and an I7 4770k I can play it with round about 50-60 FPS on medium/high settings at 2k Resolution. So thats fine by me. But I highly recomend using a X Box / PS controler.

Dont know what there is more to say, if you liked other MH title you will probaply love this one too. If you have never played a NBA 2k19 title, check out Dauntles it is F2P if you at least like it some what you will probaply like MH (MH is more complicated than Dauntles but still Dantles has simular mechanics.

As a long-time NBA 2k19 fan, I still love and enjoy playing this game, despite the multiplayer issues, game bugs, and other annoying stuff (looking at you, Bazelgeuse). Definitely recommended!

Also, Lunastra update when?

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