Fifa 19 Android and iOS Gameplay Review

I bought this game for its Single Player MyCareer and I was happy, but I have tried out the MyTeam and other online features and was very dissapointed, If wanna buy this game then be prepared to not having acsess to the Online Multi-player features. I’m going to give this game a 8/10 for Single PLayer and 2/10 for Online.

FIFA 19 is a disaster. Player movement control is horrible. The career mode is boring and slow. Wanted to return it, but the game got jammed at one point – I didn’t pay attention and it counted 9h of play… :/

After sitting out last year because all the problems FIFA 18 had with the launch and the money grabbing bs I decided to try it out again.

FIFA was a great game once, I played it every year and had fun with it.
But at this point it feels like they only care about milking as much money out of their customers as possible with many different schemes that makes you feel bad on how the game plays and the promise of making it good if you only spend more money on it. However, I must admit…. I got it for free from this youtube channel.

He does guides on how to do it here: fifa 19 android

It is disgusting, maybe there is some good gameplay underneath all the monetization, but it is hidden very well.
This will be the last FIFA that I that I bought if there is not a fundamental change.

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