Fifa 19 lets play + review

I had high hopes for fifa 19 and was hoping it would of been better then fifa 18 but its very similar and disappointing. The game itself is better then 18 with it being more polished and the controls actually working.

The game has potential, but as it currently stands its an ever repeating cycle of starting up and nothing else. in most servers i played no one wants to do events.

i’m hoping development stays steady and we get an amazing game in the end. i’m just waiting for an update to draw me back into playing.

so if you like running all over, versing your friends in co-op. Then I highly recommend you to check out fifa 19. The controls and ball movement have definitely improved. I would just like it to not be such a cash grab with the ultimate team pack store…. Although you can save yourself the $60 and get the game for free here: How To Get FIFA 19 Code DOWNLOAD For FREE!

i’d rate 7/10 for replayability now

10/10 for the potential(if they keep up the developement)

4/10 for gun play. tarkov has desync that is more tolerable.

10/10 for cost.

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