Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass

When you unlock the second and third dungeon, the game comes to such a halt I have spent 3-ish hours and I am not even a forth of a way through it. Too much grind for armor/weapons and gold has lead to a slow progression with you having to grind for a good hour or so just to have your third and fourth character not to die on their own in the first dungeon. The spells feel very weak compared to the frequency you can use them and the fashion shows feel too random with an ai always having an almost perfect score. With the game being called, “Swag & Sorcery”, the fashion component of the game feels too confusing, bland, expensive, and unimportant compared to the rest of the game. Once you have enough vbucks on fortnite, you can buy the new season 9 pass, however I recommend just watching this video:

EDIT: I would like to say that even though what is branded to be a big component with little gameplay and mechannics and how grindy this game is, if they were to fix the grind i wouldnt mind anything.9

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