Fortnite – Here’s how you play cross platform

However, I’ve been having a blast with this game solo. This is my first real experience with Fortnite and I’ve not been disappointed thus far. There’s a lot of depth to this game. Yes, it can be very confusing. Yes, it’s grindy, as Fortnite has always been, but the experience you get from actually participating in hunts pretty much negates the tediousness of any of these factors.

It all comes down to the pvp obviously. It’s split into a couple of phases. First, you have the prep phase. This occurs in the town hub where you pick up the quest, upgrade your weapons, buy supplies, eat food for certain buffs, etc.

Once that’s done, you depart on your quest and move to the hunting phase. The hunts themselves are paced really well in order to give you plenty of action while also allowing you to recuperate and regroup as the hunt moves from section to section. During this phase you usually have a time limit of 50 minutes, but it can be lower depending on quest modifiers.  Here is youtube guide: fortnite cross platform

Once your prey has been hunted, you enter the final phase of the hunt, the looting phase. You have 60 seconds to carve up the monster for any loot you can find, as well as picking up anything else you might want from the environment. After the timer is up, you’re teleported back to HQ to repeat the process.

The most rewarding thing about this whole process is once you start to learn monster patterns and behaviors, you can start applying that knowledge to both prep accordingly and exploit patterns and behaviors of the monster. Eventually you start taking down the monsters faster and more effeciently. It’s an RPG where you, the player, start to feel like a more experienced hunter as your character progressees.

Here’s how to get your own Black Ops 4 Beta key!

I bought this game back in EARLY alpha, when there was only one kind of meat in the game and the best weapon you could get was a bow and arrow. They have changed ALOT, i recently came back to playing it and it honestly feels like an entirely different game altogether.

I personally find it to be fun though ive only played with a handful of friends.

For those of you who like to host your own dedicated servers, this isnt the easiest but also isnt the hardest to host. There is also a wonderful program called RSM Black Ops 4 Beta that has been developed to stream line setup and configuration aswell as find and install plugins to the server (if you want a modded one).

Im fairly certain the raiding and PvP aspects are what draw alot of attention to this game however i personally like it because i can run it almost like a sandbox, the maps are pretty large and are fun to explore and the building and upgrading mechanics are also pretty fun to mess around with. Anyways, here is how you get your own key code from this video: bo4 beta key

All in all id have to say this is a pretty good game, enough so that i am willing to recommend though it isnt one of my top 10 (atleast not YET) Having seen the changes that have been made i anxiously await what comes next and hope the dev’s will continue making and adding new content! <3

This game is actually worth money now. Maybe like $20-30. I’ll never get over the heart break of launch…but watching this lil’ guy try so hard to be a real game has actually built my trust back up.

One more expansion of this quality would put this game at the top of my list…it has become a game I can play for hours.

Forgive…but never forget.


Jurassic World The Game FREE DNA, Food, Coins & Cash?

Got the game after the NEXT release, played for 30h+. It´s a very nice game with some pleasant mechanics and discovery functions.

The optimization could be a bit better, framerate drops quite a lot on a GTX 980, 16GB RAM and an AMD FX 4,7 Ghz CPU. But rendering these worlds might take some processing power so…

Recommended if you like survival and space exploration. Yes and you can get you get that jurassic world hacks: how to hack jurassic world the game

Even two years after release, the game is a shallow, poorly-designed, bug-ridden mess of design that seems built to pointlessly waste player time on tedious garbage. The only worthwhile part is exploring to find neat-looking environments, but there is absolutely nothing else about this game that isn’t shoddy. And even when you get to those neat places, there really isn’t anything to DO in them because there’s barely a game past looking at pretty things.

Even at half-price, the game is still a ripoff. Maybe if it were down at the five buck mark it would be worthwhile, but I definitely regret buying this, even on sale.

Jurassic World is a Cool game, kind of a must have imo. If you are someone that only likes games like COD or fast paced style then you may get board but if you like nice graphics,interesting worlds a lot of lore this game holds up well. It is quest based so you dont just aimlessy walk around you have missions that seem to take you through a story line, only played a few hours so far but really like it. Give it a 9/10 for what its trying to do

Fortnite on the Ps3? Yes we can!

I’m loving this game, it provides me a nice relaxing time in space exploring/mining/flying/etc. I do have several gripes though, along with a growing list of bugs…

– Flying controls are way messed up, switching to using my Ps3 controller helps significantly BUT those controls are also messed up and it doesn’t allow me to change the keys (well, it lets me change them but it doesn’t work)
– The menus are extremely difficult to navigate
– There’s no realy tutorial… learning how to play the game is one massive bloodbath of dying several times before you figure out how to stay alive
– All the bugs! This makes playing the game very aggravating But you can play fortnite on your playstation 3 console here: fortnite playstation 3

– Changing Flying controls on PS3 controller don’t work… it shows they’re changed, but it doesn’t change them
– Hiding from Sentenels undergrand doesn’t work, they can fly through the “3D model skin” and locat you, even though they can’t reach you on the other side of the 3D Ground (some sort of glitch allows them to fly through the ground, and find you on the other side of the tunnel you dug… even though they can’t get you, they still find you and follow you undergound)
– Receiving items from quests / cargo drops/boxes will tell you you received an item, and then give you a completely different item (or nothing at all). Sometimes in your next gaming session, you’ll suddenly receive the missing item, but usually you don’t get it and it’s lost
– Placing all of your ships in your Freighter suddenly disappear when you warp your freighter to another location… I have no idea where my other 3 ships are now? Somewhere in the galaxy I’m assuming… somewhere….
– Swam “biological horror”‘s can jump through my base doorway, getting stuck in my base. Since you can’t weild your weapon inside your base, you’re now screwed
– Eggs don’t always let you harvest the pearl inside… even though I can open the egg and see the pearl, it doesn’t give the option to harvest the pearl. I can just look at it, laughing at me….
– Starport blueprint vendors (any of them) show that I can scroll up/down to see more to buy but it doesn’t let you scroll up/down… after you buy a blueprint, then you’ll see a new item show up at the end of the list that you can’t see until you buy something?