Diablo Immortal Apk for Android

With Diablo Immortal released today you can now download and play it for free. Follow the guide on youtube:

Not ported well at all for Mobile. All control prompts are for a controller and cannot be changed despite using keyboard and mouse. Tried to configure my USB Controller but it wouldn’t take. Went back to trying with keyboard and mouse. Now the game continuously minimizes itself making it unplayable. Not even going to bother trying to find a fix, just getting my refund.

Little time I got with this title was not impressive. Clunky unresponsive controls mix up commands, hit boxes don’t seem accurate, story is wtf? (haven’t played the others but even then the opening cinematic seemed like incomplete statements).

I was looking forward to seeing what all the hype was about but even at a 75% off sale, I’m very disappointed. I’m passing on the whole Diablo franchise.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Guide

0/10 I found crying emojis in my assassins creed game

Honestly though, this RDR2 has a story that has around the same quality as RDR1 which I enjoyed but stopped playing from Unity to Origins since I hated their stories. I think this game strikes a decent balance with the story, aesthetics, and fun mechanics from older games with the newer RPG elements with gear and the hit box style combat.

-More on the combat, the game feels less like the dark souls clones from the past couple installments and is a lot more forgiving on dodging and parrying and last enemy kills have that satisfying killmove animation.
-Dialogue choices are present, and I think they’re great in keeping me interested in all these side quests I’d otherwise not give a damn about. I actually got the game for free here too: Red Dead Redemption 2 FREE Download

-The giant negative: The resources and crafting. It’s very obvious that Ubi made a system with one of the most intense grinds to keep their equipment up to your level by enticing players to buy resource packs in the store. Just the total prices in this single player game with limited replay value is already outrageous

Black Ops 4 Mobile – Worth it?

This game has been an adventure, every hour I’ve played has been exciting. It is alot like the Witcher 3 in regards to its playstyle and dialogue. Black Ops 4 mobile if you’ve played any other cod games then you are in for a unique surprise. I would definitely recommend playing this game, it is worth every penny.

I’m not even half way through the game, and there is SO much to do. It is fantastic!
The architecture is spot-on and the cities and landscapes are absolutely stunning.

The only problem I have (as a PC player, not sure how consoles are running it) is that I get alot of screen tearing and my pc gets really hot. Still runs at 60fps though so not too bad. Luckily you can just download the game for free on mobile here:

I thought Dishonored 2 was unoptimized… this one takes the cake. Black Ops 4 On all medium settings but characters and textures which were on high on my 1060 and I7700k, I could barely keep a constant 70fps, and on my 144hz monitor that feels very sluggish. Maybe I will rebuy it when it’s updated but damn dude. I’m even hearing post about people with 1080’s and 1080Ti’s struggling. Not a game meant for PC.

FIFA 19 ULT Review

This is a very short review of  FIFA 19 (Note: I havent finished the game):

I have played the game for 20 hours now as im writing this interview which is a very long time because the game has been out for 2 or 3 days now. Everytime I boot up the game and try to do a quest to progress further into the story (which is good though repetitive at times) I always get lost in the HUGE world doing something else be it Exploring or doing sidequest Or even playing as France to get loot. The mercenary system is also very cool and if you are fan of the Shadow of War/Shadow of Mordor franchise you will love it. Because it takes a lot of cool aspects from the nemesis system from SOW/SOM and puts it in FIFA. With 20 Hours and only around 35% complete story i love this game it just shows how huge it is and how you can just get lost in this amazing ancient greek world. I would highly recommend buying the game because it offers a lot of playtime and fun with cool new features in an Gigantic and most importantly Beautiful attention to detail ancient Greek World. Ultimate team is my favorite aspect of the game but you need to spend irl money in order to compete with other players, luckily I found this: fifa 19 glitch

I would give the game 9/10.