Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Review/Guide

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this game is fun and intense with the different gamemodes and the way you get to choose your play style with the character traits you pick you use, whilst expressing yourself with the customization of the looks of the your character.

The one thing that could be worked on is the matchmaking because it is very strange the way AC executes it and it sometime places people where they should not be. AC is a good company though, they engage with fans and customers and are always looking to help. Another thing I find great is the purchase of keys, not only do you get to use them to open crates and/ or trade, some of that money goes into the prize pool for the future eSports season and you can fund the pros. The professional players usually stream on Twitch or make YouTube videos so if you want to learn something or have an issue, you can check them out and support the community! I really couldn’t praise this game enough and eventhough it is already a really popular game it deserves WAY more players!

Recently, I was watching on youtube and found a way to get Odyssey for free, he found a way to get free codes: Assassins Creed Odyssey code

I definitely recommend AC: Odyssey!
Stealth is just on point although AI is not very smart tbh ,I was playing on deadly obsession and it can be sometimes frustrating to die after some stupid jump and need to revamp the whole area again but on that difficulty from the start I fell in love with this game.
Puzzles, tombs,crypts,armor, side missions, stupid challenges ,exploring ,stealth, environment is just great.Story is kinda ah ,we heard it all before but it goes good with the whole trilogy.

Fifa 19 lets play + review

I had high hopes for fifa 19 and was hoping it would of been better then fifa 18 but its very similar and disappointing. The game itself is better then 18 with it being more polished and the controls actually working.

The game has potential, but as it currently stands its an ever repeating cycle of starting up and nothing else. in most servers i played no one wants to do events.

i’m hoping development stays steady and we get an amazing game in the end. i’m just waiting for an update to draw me back into playing.

so if you like running all over, versing your friends in co-op. Then I highly recommend you to check out fifa 19. The controls and ball movement have definitely improved. I would just like it to not be such a cash grab with the ultimate team pack store…. Although you can save yourself the $60 and get the game for free here: How To Get FIFA 19 Code DOWNLOAD For FREE!

i’d rate 7/10 for replayability now

10/10 for the potential(if they keep up the developement)

4/10 for gun play. tarkov has desync that is more tolerable.

10/10 for cost.

Gta 5 mobile review

The single-player is the only good thing about this game, & even that isnt very good. If you dont have tons of extra cash to spend, or, you’re okay with risking the use of hacks, online isnt worth it.

It’s riddled with hackers, & everyone who still plays it uses the Pay2Win system & will utterly destroy you.

The game will also false ban you if a hacker mess with you, or if the anti-cheat thinks you’re “fishy”.

bad game i decided to mess around with some mod menus for a 5 year old game and minding my own business with my friend (note not screwing with anyone else or spawning money) and i got a 30 day ban and got my account reset so this concludes that rockstar is a greedy company to ban people on a 5 year old game. Now if you do get banned on gta 5, you can get it for free on your android here: gta 5 android

160 hours in this game. I’d say 75 of those hours is from trying to connect online, getting booted randomly, or load times in between sessions.

At 30 bucks, I’m not sure if the single player is even worth it, but, if you want a game thats fun to mod and you 100% do not care about GTA:O, then the game may be for you

Fifa 19 Android and iOS Gameplay Review

I bought this game for its Single Player MyCareer and I was happy, but I have tried out the MyTeam and other online features and was very dissapointed, If wanna buy this game then be prepared to not having acsess to the Online Multi-player features. I’m going to give this game a 8/10 for Single PLayer and 2/10 for Online.

FIFA 19 is a disaster. Player movement control is horrible. The career mode is boring and slow. Wanted to return it, but the game got jammed at one point – I didn’t pay attention and it counted 9h of play… :/

After sitting out last year because all the problems FIFA 18 had with the launch and the money grabbing bs I decided to try it out again.

FIFA was a great game once, I played it every year and had fun with it.
But at this point it feels like they only care about milking as much money out of their customers as possible with many different schemes that makes you feel bad on how the game plays and the promise of making it good if you only spend more money on it. However, I must admit…. I got it for free from this youtube channel.

He does guides on how to do it here: fifa 19 android

It is disgusting, maybe there is some good gameplay underneath all the monetization, but it is hidden very well.
This will be the last FIFA that I that I bought if there is not a fundamental change.

Fortnite Review

The game is fun. There are many different things to do to keep you preoccupied for hours on end. It’s a great simulator/management game. The graphics are wonderful; the puns are “LOL”; and the random “missions” that pop up will keep you on your toes.

Some minor bugs involving patients/doctors getting stuck. A quick reboot of the game will fix it in most cases. My only downside is that you can’t play it on your ps3 console… well until now….. how to download fortnite on ps3

Player wants:
I would love to see mods for this game.

1. Graphics: Graphics are fine. Charming cartoonish style. Not going to be very taxing, has to be done for the whacky make up diseases. If you’re looking for a serious hospital management game, I’d recommend avoiding this. No real complaints.

2. Sound: Sound is fine, not much to discuss. However the ‘death’ and ‘failure to cure’ sound can get really annoying. This is compounded by stuff I will cover later. Furthermore there is fun Radio Hosts who will talk inbetween songs. They’re amusing and fun and rarely repeat themselves. Usually they only repeat themselves when an epidemic has happened or something. Fun, adds variety but I suspect most people would rather just turn off everything and play their own music or podcast or whatever.

Grand Theft Auto 6 – Is it worth the wait?

I was super excited for this title to release. i’ve played it for a few hours so far and the only thing I can come up with is “meh.” The story is okay. The game play is okay. It’s all just okay for me.

For some reason, my computer does NOT like it and I am struggling with stuttering and spikey lag. I have the hardware to play on the highest settings, but if I turn it up higher than medium everything gets choppy and frustrating. Overall this game is soooo disappointing because I loved both Tomb Raider and Rise of the the Tomb Raider.

At this point in time, I can only recommend if you want to complete the story and are buying on sale. Oh and you can download gta for free too: GTA 6 Beta Download 😁 How to get Grand Theft Auto 6 for FREE! – GTA 6 FREE Beta PS4/XBOX/PC-STEAM

There’s a critical level that’s being reached here with the suspension of disbelief and it became impossible to ignore. Perhaps I could if the story was even remotely well written or if the game wasn’t riddled with clunky, poorly ported controls. Lara’s Hulk level upper body strength, the way the story falls on her lap. There was even a stealth part where you were armed solely with a knife taking down enemies with guns. You couldn’t pick any of their guns up. I was a fan of the previous games but this one has completely missed the mark for me. I would play the game on the hardest difficulty, but that one locks the saves to bonfires and considering accidental deaths to weird climbing and jumping controls are easily the most difficult part of the game, I’ve only played on the second hardest difficulty. I was hoping to find challenging combat but it’s so, so easy. Not to mention there isn’t much of it.

Elder Scrolls Blades iOS / Android Play Guide

I don’t know if i should include the creation club aspects in this review so I’ll give my thoughts with and without it.

With: I feel kind of betrayed by Bethesda but they aren’t my family or friends so it doesn’t matter. I like having more user friendly mod interface and the selection isn’t terrible but i still have the original Skyrim (with the DLC’s bought seperately) and i feel the selection is better, even if there is a little more work in installing mods. If you are wanting to download and play the new ESO Blades, watch this video:

Without: The game looks beautiful, it’s still Skyrim, and best of all the DLC’s are already included. I love Skyrim so much that this will have been the third time i bought the game (1st time on console which was fun but had more issues than pc, 2nd on pc which was AMAZING the loadscreens weren’t 24 hours long when you reached level 20, and 3rd was Skyrim SE on pc which i do not regret because again it looks beautiful).

Conclusion: If you already have Skyrim i would still buy it because it looks much cleaner and has easier mod interface if you’ve never used mods because you were put off by the process then tada here’s a great oppertunity or If you’ve NEVER played Skyrim period then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HURRY UP AND START KILLING SOME DRAGONS!!

Scum worth it on ps plus?

SCUM isn’t a game about survival, you can get everything you need to survive in any town, and a weapon to beat off zombies can be found in a bush.

SCUM isn’t a PVP game either – it’s more about trying to sneak past giant mechs with aimbot.

There is too much focus on  mechanics like vitamin requirements, etc, and SCUM trades playability for pointless realism.

WHERE IS THE AUTO-RUN FEATURE? OH and you need ps plus membership for it, but thats free 😉 How to get FREE PS Plus 🤑FREE PS PLUS WORKING 2018 WITH PROOF!

Stamina, while a neat idea, basiscally means this is a walking simulator rather than a running simulator, and without auto-run it’s simply not worth playing.

If the developers can focus on enjoyability rather than wanking themselves off over pointless mechanics this game has potential, but if they can’t look past “the vision” of their game…. nope… just nope… plenty of other things to play.

Tried to play in 2160p and got 25fps on average.

Tried to lower all of the graphics settings to the lowest possibile value and got 32fps on average.

Tried to lower ingame resolution to 1080p and was greeted with an ingame window in the upper left portion of my UHD monitor because thanks to DX11 Unreal Engine cannot do exclusive fullsceen.

Will i reduce my desktop resolution to 1080p in order to play this game with more than console peasant framerates? Absolutely not.

NBA 2k19 – The best 2k game

First Time playing a NBA 2K game and so far I’m loving it.

I’m a huge mmorpg fan and the cooperative mode in this game is awesome…. unless you are a dual blades, hope you get smashed by a hammer soon enough!

So if you are looking for a cooperative 4 player game, this is for you…. or if you like to be a lone wolf, this game can be fun as well.

I recommend this game, atleast give it a try. If you want to get the game yourself, get yourself it for free here:

It is a NBA 2k19 title, what more is there to say.

Yes the game has some Problems, but a lot got fixed already. Yes it still has Denuvo and you could have a better performance without it. But still with a GTX 970 and an I7 4770k I can play it with round about 50-60 FPS on medium/high settings at 2k Resolution. So thats fine by me. But I highly recomend using a X Box / PS controler.

Dont know what there is more to say, if you liked other MH title you will probaply love this one too. If you have never played a NBA 2k19 title, check out Dauntles it is F2P if you at least like it some what you will probaply like MH (MH is more complicated than Dauntles but still Dantles has simular mechanics.

As a long-time NBA 2k19 fan, I still love and enjoy playing this game, despite the multiplayer issues, game bugs, and other annoying stuff (looking at you, Bazelgeuse). Definitely recommended!

Also, Lunastra update when?

Fortnite Galaxy Skin Review + GUIDE!

Unfortunately I had to hold out on recommending this game when it launched due to huge server issues that were hindering the online play. This is fixed now, at least for me, so I can give it the big thumbs up it deserves.

Very fun game mechanics, there’s enough content in the game to easily get your moneys worth, and a seriously fun game to play with some friends. There are so many different hunting styles and skills that you can really play however you want. You can get the newest galaxy skin from samsung here: How to get the GALAXY skin for FREE

Here is my fortnite galaxy review:

Short Version:
Buy it Its amazing forget the negative reviews.
+ Beautiful Graphics/Art Design
+Breathtaking atmosphere
+Chalenging but fair and fun combat
+Replability through weapon styles and armour skills
+Active and friendly community
+Regular free updates and events
-Unskippable story cutscenes
-Escort mission
-Rng grind can be crule
+/- Lacking some graphical options but they do not affect the game.
Long Version:
As a long time fan of the series, I am disappointed at the overwhelming negativity that Capcom has received for its first pc port, dragons be flying backwards and giants signing your for the space program in Skyrim nobody bats an eye but god forbid a new pc port not have the ability to turn off motion blur and multiplayer issues on launch like that neever happens…Look I’m not saying these things are acceptable at launch, and maybe in the future we will have flawless launches of new games as well as in hoverboards but until then maybe less witch burning? Especially due to the fact most of the complaints are more to do with the fact pc gaming being an unregulated chaotic mess of stuff ups. Yes, I’m looking at you when was the last time u  updated windows eh? Overall great game and IMO best of the series and well worth your time and money.