Fortnite on the Ps3? Yes we can!

I’m loving this game, it provides me a nice relaxing time in space exploring/mining/flying/etc. I do have several gripes though, along with a growing list of bugs…

– Flying controls are way messed up, switching to using my Ps3 controller helps significantly BUT those controls are also messed up and it doesn’t allow me to change the keys (well, it lets me change them but it doesn’t work)
– The menus are extremely difficult to navigate
– There’s no realy tutorial… learning how to play the game is one massive bloodbath of dying several times before you figure out how to stay alive
– All the bugs! This makes playing the game very aggravating But you can play fortnite on your playstation 3 console here: fortnite playstation 3

– Changing Flying controls on PS3 controller don’t work… it shows they’re changed, but it doesn’t change them
– Hiding from Sentenels undergrand doesn’t work, they can fly through the “3D model skin” and locat you, even though they can’t reach you on the other side of the 3D Ground (some sort of glitch allows them to fly through the ground, and find you on the other side of the tunnel you dug… even though they can’t get you, they still find you and follow you undergound)
– Receiving items from quests / cargo drops/boxes will tell you you received an item, and then give you a completely different item (or nothing at all). Sometimes in your next gaming session, you’ll suddenly receive the missing item, but usually you don’t get it and it’s lost
– Placing all of your ships in your Freighter suddenly disappear when you warp your freighter to another location… I have no idea where my other 3 ships are now? Somewhere in the galaxy I’m assuming… somewhere….
– Swam “biological horror”‘s can jump through my base doorway, getting stuck in my base. Since you can’t weild your weapon inside your base, you’re now screwed
– Eggs don’t always let you harvest the pearl inside… even though I can open the egg and see the pearl, it doesn’t give the option to harvest the pearl. I can just look at it, laughing at me….
– Starport blueprint vendors (any of them) show that I can scroll up/down to see more to buy but it doesn’t let you scroll up/down… after you buy a blueprint, then you’ll see a new item show up at the end of the list that you can’t see until you buy something?

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