Here’s how to get your own Black Ops 4 Beta key!

I bought this game back in EARLY alpha, when there was only one kind of meat in the game and the best weapon you could get was a bow and arrow. They have changed ALOT, i recently came back to playing it and it honestly feels like an entirely different game altogether.

I personally find it to be fun though ive only played with a handful of friends.

For those of you who like to host your own dedicated servers, this isnt the easiest but also isnt the hardest to host. There is also a wonderful program called RSM Black Ops 4 Beta that has been developed to stream line setup and configuration aswell as find and install plugins to the server (if you want a modded one).

Im fairly certain the raiding and PvP aspects are what draw alot of attention to this game however i personally like it because i can run it almost like a sandbox, the maps are pretty large and are fun to explore and the building and upgrading mechanics are also pretty fun to mess around with. Anyways, here is how you get your own key code from this video: bo4 beta key

All in all id have to say this is a pretty good game, enough so that i am willing to recommend though it isnt one of my top 10 (atleast not YET) Having seen the changes that have been made i anxiously await what comes next and hope the dev’s will continue making and adding new content! <3

This game is actually worth money now. Maybe like $20-30. I’ll never get over the heart break of launch…but watching this lil’ guy try so hard to be a real game has actually built my trust back up.

One more expansion of this quality would put this game at the top of my list…it has become a game I can play for hours.

Forgive…but never forget.


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