Fortnite – Here’s how you play cross platform

However, I’ve been having a blast with this game solo. This is my first real experience with Fortnite and I’ve not been disappointed thus far. There’s a lot of depth to this game. Yes, it can be very confusing. Yes, it’s grindy, as Fortnite has always been, but the experience you get from actually participating in hunts pretty much negates the tediousness of any of these factors.

It all comes down to the pvp obviously. It’s split into a couple of phases. First, you have the prep phase. This occurs in the town hub where you pick up the quest, upgrade your weapons, buy supplies, eat food for certain buffs, etc.

Once that’s done, you depart on your quest and move to the hunting phase. The hunts themselves are paced really well in order to give you plenty of action while also allowing you to recuperate and regroup as the hunt moves from section to section. During this phase you usually have a time limit of 50 minutes, but it can be lower depending on quest modifiers.  Here is youtube guide: fortnite cross platform

Once your prey has been hunted, you enter the final phase of the hunt, the looting phase. You have 60 seconds to carve up the monster for any loot you can find, as well as picking up anything else you might want from the environment. After the timer is up, you’re teleported back to HQ to repeat the process.

The most rewarding thing about this whole process is once you start to learn monster patterns and behaviors, you can start applying that knowledge to both prep accordingly and exploit patterns and behaviors of the monster. Eventually you start taking down the monsters faster and more effeciently. It’s an RPG where you, the player, start to feel like a more experienced hunter as your character progressees.

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