Fortnite Galaxy Skin Review + GUIDE!

Unfortunately I had to hold out on recommending this game when it launched due to huge server issues that were hindering the online play. This is fixed now, at least for me, so I can give it the big thumbs up it deserves.

Very fun game mechanics, there’s enough content in the game to easily get your moneys worth, and a seriously fun game to play with some friends. There are so many different hunting styles and skills that you can really play however you want. You can get the newest galaxy skin from samsung here: How to get the GALAXY skin for FREE

Here is my fortnite galaxy review:

Short Version:
Buy it Its amazing forget the negative reviews.
+ Beautiful Graphics/Art Design
+Breathtaking atmosphere
+Chalenging but fair and fun combat
+Replability through weapon styles and armour skills
+Active and friendly community
+Regular free updates and events
-Unskippable story cutscenes
-Escort mission
-Rng grind can be crule
+/- Lacking some graphical options but they do not affect the game.
Long Version:
As a long time fan of the series, I am disappointed at the overwhelming negativity that Capcom has received for its first pc port, dragons be flying backwards and giants signing your for the space program in Skyrim nobody bats an eye but god forbid a new pc port not have the ability to turn off motion blur and multiplayer issues on launch like that neever happens…Look I’m not saying these things are acceptable at launch, and maybe in the future we will have flawless launches of new games as well as in hoverboards but until then maybe less witch burning? Especially due to the fact most of the complaints are more to do with the fact pc gaming being an unregulated chaotic mess of stuff ups. Yes, I’m looking at you when was the last time u  updated windows eh? Overall great game and IMO best of the series and well worth your time and money.

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