Scum worth it on ps plus?

SCUM isn’t a game about survival, you can get everything you need to survive in any town, and a weapon to beat off zombies can be found in a bush.

SCUM isn’t a PVP game either – it’s more about trying to sneak past giant mechs with aimbot.

There is too much focus on  mechanics like vitamin requirements, etc, and SCUM trades playability for pointless realism.

WHERE IS THE AUTO-RUN FEATURE? OH and you need ps plus membership for it, but thats free 😉 How to get FREE PS Plus 🤑FREE PS PLUS WORKING 2018 WITH PROOF!

Stamina, while a neat idea, basiscally means this is a walking simulator rather than a running simulator, and without auto-run it’s simply not worth playing.

If the developers can focus on enjoyability rather than wanking themselves off over pointless mechanics this game has potential, but if they can’t look past “the vision” of their game…. nope… just nope… plenty of other things to play.

Tried to play in 2160p and got 25fps on average.

Tried to lower all of the graphics settings to the lowest possibile value and got 32fps on average.

Tried to lower ingame resolution to 1080p and was greeted with an ingame window in the upper left portion of my UHD monitor because thanks to DX11 Unreal Engine cannot do exclusive fullsceen.

Will i reduce my desktop resolution to 1080p in order to play this game with more than console peasant framerates? Absolutely not.

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