Elder Scrolls Blades iOS / Android Play Guide

I don’t know if i should include the creation club aspects in this review so I’ll give my thoughts with and without it.

With: I feel kind of betrayed by Bethesda but they aren’t my family or friends so it doesn’t matter. I like having more user friendly mod interface and the selection isn’t terrible but i still have the original Skyrim (with the DLC’s bought seperately) and i feel the selection is better, even if there is a little more work in installing mods. If you are wanting to download and play the new ESO Blades, watch this video:

Without: The game looks beautiful, it’s still Skyrim, and best of all the DLC’s are already included. I love Skyrim so much that this will have been the third time i bought the game (1st time on console which was fun but had more issues than pc, 2nd on pc which was AMAZING the loadscreens weren’t 24 hours long when you reached level 20, and 3rd was Skyrim SE on pc which i do not regret because again it looks beautiful).

Conclusion: If you already have Skyrim i would still buy it because it looks much cleaner and has easier mod interface if you’ve never used mods because you were put off by the process then tada here’s a great oppertunity or If you’ve NEVER played Skyrim period then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? HURRY UP AND START KILLING SOME DRAGONS!!

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