Grand Theft Auto 6 – Is it worth the wait?

I was super excited for this title to release. i’ve played it for a few hours so far and the only thing I can come up with is “meh.” The story is okay. The game play is okay. It’s all just okay for me.

For some reason, my computer does NOT like it and I am struggling with stuttering and spikey lag. I have the hardware to play on the highest settings, but if I turn it up higher than medium everything gets choppy and frustrating. Overall this game is soooo disappointing because I loved both Tomb Raider and Rise of the the Tomb Raider.

At this point in time, I can only recommend if you want to complete the story and are buying on sale. Oh and you can download gta for free too: GTA 6 Beta Download 😁 How to get Grand Theft Auto 6 for FREE! – GTA 6 FREE Beta PS4/XBOX/PC-STEAM

There’s a critical level that’s being reached here with the suspension of disbelief and it became impossible to ignore. Perhaps I could if the story was even remotely well written or if the game wasn’t riddled with clunky, poorly ported controls. Lara’s Hulk level upper body strength, the way the story falls on her lap. There was even a stealth part where you were armed solely with a knife taking down enemies with guns. You couldn’t pick any of their guns up. I was a fan of the previous games but this one has completely missed the mark for me. I would play the game on the hardest difficulty, but that one locks the saves to bonfires and considering accidental deaths to weird climbing and jumping controls are easily the most difficult part of the game, I’ve only played on the second hardest difficulty. I was hoping to find challenging combat but it’s so, so easy. Not to mention there isn’t much of it.

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