Fortnite Review

The game is fun. There are many different things to do to keep you preoccupied for hours on end. It’s a great simulator/management game. The graphics are wonderful; the puns are “LOL”; and the random “missions” that pop up will keep you on your toes.

Some minor bugs involving patients/doctors getting stuck. A quick reboot of the game will fix it in most cases. My only downside is that you can’t play it on your ps3 console… well until now….. how to download fortnite on ps3

Player wants:
I would love to see mods for this game.

1. Graphics: Graphics are fine. Charming cartoonish style. Not going to be very taxing, has to be done for the whacky make up diseases. If you’re looking for a serious hospital management game, I’d recommend avoiding this. No real complaints.

2. Sound: Sound is fine, not much to discuss. However the ‘death’ and ‘failure to cure’ sound can get really annoying. This is compounded by stuff I will cover later. Furthermore there is fun Radio Hosts who will talk inbetween songs. They’re amusing and fun and rarely repeat themselves. Usually they only repeat themselves when an epidemic has happened or something. Fun, adds variety but I suspect most people would rather just turn off everything and play their own music or podcast or whatever.

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