Gta 5 mobile review

The single-player is the only good thing about this game, & even that isnt very good. If you dont have tons of extra cash to spend, or, you’re okay with risking the use of hacks, online isnt worth it.

It’s riddled with hackers, & everyone who still plays it uses the Pay2Win system & will utterly destroy you.

The game will also false ban you if a hacker mess with you, or if the anti-cheat thinks you’re “fishy”.

bad game i decided to mess around with some mod menus for a 5 year old game and minding my own business with my friend (note not screwing with anyone else or spawning money) and i got a 30 day ban and got my account reset so this concludes that rockstar is a greedy company to ban people on a 5 year old game. Now if you do get banned on gta 5, you can get it for free on your android here: gta 5 android

160 hours in this game. I’d say 75 of those hours is from trying to connect online, getting booted randomly, or load times in between sessions.

At 30 bucks, I’m not sure if the single player is even worth it, but, if you want a game thats fun to mod and you 100% do not care about GTA:O, then the game may be for you

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