Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Review/Guide

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, this game is fun and intense with the different gamemodes and the way you get to choose your play style with the character traits you pick you use, whilst expressing yourself with the customization of the looks of the your character.

The one thing that could be worked on is the matchmaking because it is very strange the way AC executes it and it sometime places people where they should not be. AC is a good company though, they engage with fans and customers and are always looking to help. Another thing I find great is the purchase of keys, not only do you get to use them to open crates and/ or trade, some of that money goes into the prize pool for the future eSports season and you can fund the pros. The professional players usually stream on Twitch or make YouTube videos so if you want to learn something or have an issue, you can check them out and support the community! I really couldn’t praise this game enough and eventhough it is already a really popular game it deserves WAY more players!

Recently, I was watching on youtube and found a way to get Odyssey for free, he found a way to get free codes: Assassins Creed Odyssey code

I definitely recommend AC: Odyssey!
Stealth is just on point although AI is not very smart tbh ,I was playing on deadly obsession and it can be sometimes frustrating to die after some stupid jump and need to revamp the whole area again but on that difficulty from the start I fell in love with this game.
Puzzles, tombs,crypts,armor, side missions, stupid challenges ,exploring ,stealth, environment is just great.Story is kinda ah ,we heard it all before but it goes good with the whole trilogy.

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