Black Ops 4 Mobile – Worth it?

This game has been an adventure, every hour I’ve played has been exciting. It is alot like the Witcher 3 in regards to its playstyle and dialogue. Black Ops 4 mobile if you’ve played any other cod games then you are in for a unique surprise. I would definitely recommend playing this game, it is worth every penny.

I’m not even half way through the game, and there is SO much to do. It is fantastic!
The architecture is spot-on and the cities and landscapes are absolutely stunning.

The only problem I have (as a PC player, not sure how consoles are running it) is that I get alot of screen tearing and my pc gets really hot. Still runs at 60fps though so not too bad. Luckily you can just download the game for free on mobile here:

I thought Dishonored 2 was unoptimized… this one takes the cake. Black Ops 4 On all medium settings but characters and textures which were on high on my 1060 and I7700k, I could barely keep a constant 70fps, and on my 144hz monitor that feels very sluggish. Maybe I will rebuy it when it’s updated but damn dude. I’m even hearing post about people with 1080’s and 1080Ti’s struggling. Not a game meant for PC.

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