Red Dead Redemption 2 Free Guide

0/10 I found crying emojis in my assassins creed game

Honestly though, this RDR2 has a story that has around the same quality as RDR1 which I enjoyed but stopped playing from Unity to Origins since I hated their stories. I think this game strikes a decent balance with the story, aesthetics, and fun mechanics from older games with the newer RPG elements with gear and the hit box style combat.

-More on the combat, the game feels less like the dark souls clones from the past couple installments and is a lot more forgiving on dodging and parrying and last enemy kills have that satisfying killmove animation.
-Dialogue choices are present, and I think they’re great in keeping me interested in all these side quests I’d otherwise not give a damn about. I actually got the game for free here too: Red Dead Redemption 2 FREE Download

-The giant negative: The resources and crafting. It’s very obvious that Ubi made a system with one of the most intense grinds to keep their equipment up to your level by enticing players to buy resource packs in the store. Just the total prices in this single player game with limited replay value is already outrageous

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