Diablo Immortal Apk for Android

With Diablo Immortal released today you can now download and play it for free. Follow the guide on youtube:

Not ported well at all for Mobile. All control prompts are for a controller and cannot be changed despite using keyboard and mouse. Tried to configure my USB Controller but it wouldn’t take. Went back to trying with keyboard and mouse. Now the game continuously minimizes itself making it unplayable. Not even going to bother trying to find a fix, just getting my refund.

Little time I got with this title was not impressive. Clunky unresponsive controls mix up commands, hit boxes don’t seem accurate, story is wtf? (haven’t played the others but even then the opening cinematic seemed like incomplete statements).

I was looking forward to seeing what all the hype was about but even at a 75% off sale, I’m very disappointed. I’m passing on the whole Diablo franchise.

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